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Date: Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Time: 12:00 PM Eastern, 9:00 AM Pacific, 6:00 PM Zurich (contact SteveSpeicher if you'd like to participate)

Previous minutes: CmMeetings20120215


Recurring agenda items: Main agenda items: Assigned scenario owners: Assigned specification owners Previous Action Items:
  • VijayAggarwal to complete list of ITOpsToDev scenarios and prioritize
  • SteveSpeicher - take feedback from Andre around implementation guidance wiki page, etc
  • SteveSpeicher - 2010 / CM 2.0 Retrospective - review action items from last meeting
  • SofiaYeung - State transitions between hierarchies of CRs - Sofia to draft some scenarios
  • SofiaYeung - needs to do batch updating of CRs. This has been discussed off and on, and there are
Next meetings:
  • April 11 - continue with 3.0 items


Working Group and Community Updates

  • VincentPhan? joining the CM workgroup from ClearQuest development.
  • Kartik: W3C Community Groups Update - Pilot put on hold indefinitely due to legal obstacles. CM working group will remain on current infrastructure.
  • SteveSpeicher: Looking at alternatives for link labels.
  • SteveSpeicher: Should we revisit property mapping spreadsheet of various CM tools? Will discuss via email and queue for a future meeting.

State Transitions Review

  • RobertElves added states of a task to ScenariosMylyn.
  • Open Issue: Do we need to define qualifiers on some actions like resolve or mark duplicate?
  • Open Issue: What to do with intermediate states on transitions.
  • RobertElves: Are we only exposing standard actions or can providers expose additional actions in the resource?
  • SteveSpeicher: Current intent is to expose a set of standard actions and allow providers to expose additional actions.
  • SamPadgett: What resource do you get back when performing a GET on an action URI? An Action resource with a title, shape, and possibly other properties?
  • VincentPhan? : For ClearQuest, it will be difficult to provide a shape since we don't know what the shape should look like until we begin the action.
  • SamitMehta asked if we can add additional information to error responses about what fields failed validation on state transition errors.
  • SamPadgett: Delegated approach as fallback when headless state transition fails?
  • SamitMehta: We should understand from Robert and Sofia what limitations the delegated approach has for IDE scenarios.

Attendees: SamPadgett, SteveSpeicher, SofiaYeung, RobertElves, SamitMehta, VincentPhan? , BrianSteele, Kartik

Regrets: EricRoy, VijayAggarwal, DaveSteinberg, MichaelFiedler

-- SamPadgett - 29 Feb 2012

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