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Date: Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Time: 12:00 PM Eastern, 9:00 AM Pacific, 6:00 PM Zurich
(contact SteveSpeicher if you'd like to participate)


  • Call for last minute agenda changes
  • Update on outstanding Actions see CmMeetingsActions
  • Review specification needs for CmOfRequirements
  • Review specification needs for CmScenarioReviews
  • 2.0 Roadmap review (dates and scenarios)
  • Review of CmResourceDefinitionsV2
    • Review any updates since last meeting
    • Discussion around need to carefully define Project and Component: suggestions were around defining them in generic terms as "context" (Project) and "subtext" (Component) for hierarchal systems, though there may be a need for tagged-based model (Google code).
  • Progress on 2.0 specs
    • Prioritize scenarios
    • Define scope - CmArchitecturalDirectionV2
    • Milestone plans
    • Progress on extending participation - both as WG participants and implementations
  • 1.0 spec maintenance items
  • Next meeting: 20-January-2010


Attendees: SteveSpeicher, AndreWeinand, MikKersten, RobertElves, DenisTyrell, MarkRinger, SusanDuncan, IanGreen, YongLi, SamLee, SamitMehta

Regrets: ScottBosworth, MatsGothe

  • Call for last minute agenda changes
  • Update on CmMeetingsActions (see following)
  • No updates since last meeting on CmOfRequirements or CmScenarioReviews (schedule for Jan 20th meeting)
  • Review of roadmaps targetting of finalization by May 2010 and convergence starting as early as March, looks good to most. Confirm at Jan-20th meeting
  • Review of CmResourceDefinitionsV2
    • Review proposed changes and outstanding items listed V2 resource definition
    • Looking for owners to drive specification for V2 resource definition (see reference for areas)
    • ACTION: SteveSpeicher Need to add links/properties for requirements and test cases
    • Discussion on modifying and reading status property (how to determine if CR is done, how to update it to be done and how to handle additional states)
      • Perhaps add concept of actions/operations to CR to modify the status instead of PUTing status field directly and infering action.
      • Gather requirements for states and state transitions: possibly have in a schema/service descriptor for peforming state transitions.
      • RTC uses two attributes to define completeness of CR: status and resolution, but falls into state groups for things like open, in progress and closed
      • States/statuses can be complex constructs that have the standard OSLC element, along with provider-specific and other info: label, valid operations, etc.
  • WG agreed to move to weekly meetings to accellerate progress on 2.0 specs
    • ACTION SteveSpeicher to schedule out additional meetings with specific technical topics on the agenda
  • Next meeting 20-Jan-2010
Update minutes with any corrections
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