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CM Tools Common Resource Properties for Rational ClearQuest?

Schemas used

With ClearQuest? , endless customizations are supported. This will only look at a couple of out-of-the-box schemas such as: Enterprise (Ent) and Application Lifecycle Management (ALM).

Property Mappings

Field Ent - Defect ALMRequest Type Description Scenarios
ID id id String A unique identifier  
Key id id String (short) User facing identifer that can change during the lifetime of the task ide
Summary Headline Headline String (short) One line description all
Description Description Description String (long) Multiline description (could contain rich text markup) all
CreationDate? Submit_Date (derived from history) Date When created report
DoneDate? (derived from history) (derived from history) Date When completed report, plan, ide
ModificationDate? (derived from history) (derived from history) Date Last modification date report, ide
Status State State String Current state of the change request usually within a multi-state workflow all
Type record_type record_type / Type* String record_type is built in field. * User defined based on ALMProject confg and ALMType recordes all
Owner Owner Owner Link Who is responsible for ensuring that this change request is done all
Reporter Submitter   Link Who created this change request report
Project Project Project Link A top level container for this change request ide, report, fixdefect, plan
Component Category Category Link A finer grain containment for this change request ide, report, fixdefect, plan
Keywords Keywords Keywords String Tags ide, report
Priority Priority   String Used to plan work ide, plan, report
Severity Severity Severity String The impact of this from the point of view of the reporter report, fixdefect
Comments Notes Comments Link Notes ide, fixdefect
  history history string history of the change requrest all
Attachments Attachments Attachments Link   ide, fixdefect
    NotifyList? Link    
Parent     Link   plan
Children     Link   plan
Related   RequestsRelated? Link A relationship between change requests with loose semantics ide, fixdefect
Duplicates Duplicated_by Duplicated_by Link Duplicate change requests of this one ide, fixdefect
    Iteration Link plan
    Phase String phase
    Tasks Link Tasks to complete this change request plan
  Resolution   String   fixdefect
  RequirementsList?   Link   plan
  Symptoms   LongString?   fixdefect
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