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Time: 10:00 AM Eastern US (contact MichaelFiedler if you'd like to participate)

The Automation meetings alternate times each meeting to accomodate the global team.


* Reoccurring agenda items:

* Main agenda items:
  • Previous Action Items:
    • Agent/Actor registration scenario
      • CharlesRankin, MaxVohlken, PaulMcMahan and MichaelFiedler met on 28 November to discuss
      • Discussion acknowledged the general validity of the actor registration scenario, though not applicable to all automation providers
      • Concern that putting this in the V1 spec would raise the bar too high for implementers
      • Agreement to table the scenario for V1 and bring it back for discussion in V2
        • Workgroup members from the test domain will likely prototype/early implement something in this area
        • Present it back to the workgroup as a proposed basis for a spec in V2
        • Alleviates concerns that any non-OSLC specified work in this area is not likely to be "throw away"
  • Discuss Automation Result contributions
    • See "Updating Results and creation of contributions" in AutomationScenarios
    • See the spreadsheet at ResourceDefinitions for work done last year in this area
    • What are the scenarios around results and contributions?
    • What attributes should results and contributions have?
    • Are contrtibutions a unique resource type?
  • Plans for moving from scenario development to spec development
  • Next meetings:
    • 8 December


Attending: Michael Fiedler, John Arwe, Max Vohlken, Robert Elves, Sheehan Anderson, Rich Rakich, Pete Steinfeld, Charles Rankin, Paul McMahan? , Barys Dubauski, Pramod Chandoria, Thomas Spatzier, Vaibhav Srivastava

* Reviewed Agent/Actor registration scenarios

  • No major comments from the workgroup
  • Paul McMahan? summarized the concerns around making sure any early work in this area would not be wasted.
  • Issue is now resolved, agreement is that agent registration scenarios are out of scope for the initial spec
* Discussion on automation results and result contributions
  • Result identifiers - how do consumers find the "latest" result
    • Brief discussion on desirability of monotonically increasing identifiers
      • not something which should be in the spec - up to the provider
    • agreement that some combination of dc:created and the proposed "started" and "ended" attributes could accomplish the scenario
  • Automation contributions - unique artifact? or included in the result?
    • Expectation of a consumer doing a GET on the result: contributions included in the result? or links to contribution artifacts?
    • If separate, how is relationship to result modeled?
      • Contributions seem to be dependent children of results, not standalone entities
    • TODO: Follow up discussion to drill down on contributions and results. MaxVohlken, CharlesRankin, PaulMcMahan, PramodChandoria and VaibhavSrivastava will participate. Contact MichaelFiedler if you would like to participate.
  • Need to document a scenario illustrating how consumers might view results differently. Example:
    • Build runs and completes successfully
    • Subsequent testing shows the build to be "bad"
    • Verdict for the build is still "success" while a test contribution to the result would have a verdict of "failed"
    • Consumers bear some responsibility in how the quality of an automation result is interpreted.
* Discussion on how persistent/transient automation artifacts are
  • Consumers should make no assumptions. Should be prepared to handle dead/moved links (HTTP 404, 410, 301 scenarios).
* Workgroup housekeeping
  • Next meeting: 8 December at 1PM Eastern US. Primary topic will be deployment scenarios
  • Goal to have 15 December meeting be a review of updated artifact attributes
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