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Date: 14 Jan 2011



Attendance: PaulMcMahan, ThomasNeal, PaulSlauenwhite, ScottBosworth, DaveJohnson, JimConallen, ScottFairbrother

  • Workgroup reviewed the resolved issues in the spec issues page and agreed to close.
  • The QM spec is functionally complete and has a successful implementation (RQM). The workgroup agreed to call the spec final. Paul will confirm with the QM workgroup via the mailing list before declaring final.
  • ScottBosworth mentioned that the CM workgroup has an alternative mechanism to collect implementation reports in google spreadsheets. The spreadsheet provides a good visualization since it shows which areas of the spec are used by consumers/providers, and has color coding. PaulMcMahan will investigate this mechanism for the QM implementation reports as well.
  • When a OSLC spec is declared final the rdf and xhtml for any URIs defined therein needs to be available from the wiki. PaulMcMahan will create these documents and attach to the wiki.
  • Potential scenarios for QM 3.0 specification include:
    • Baselinling (versioning)
    • Test suite execution
    • Attachments
    • Coordination of remote test execution


  • PaulMcMahan to investigate google spreadsheet for implementation reports
  • PaulMcMahan to provide rdf and xhtml document for QM V2 URIs
  • PaulMcMahan to email QM workgroup to notify about plans for finalizing QM V2 spec
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