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Date: June 15 2010



Attendance: PaulMcMahan, ScottFairbrother, NigelLawrence, TonyDavies? , IngridJorgensen, ScottBosworth, DaveJohnson
  • Discussed use case involving a test management and requirement management integration developed by Tieto. One goal for the OSLC QM V2 spec will be to provide the necessary APIs and resource definitions to accomplish that integration.
  • Examined the CM V2 spec which is now in convergence. The workgroup is encouraged to look closely at this spec and provide feedback via the issues page.
  • Reviewed recent additions to the QM V2 spec draft
    • The compliance section provides a mapping from certain parts of the QM V1 spec to the corresponding parts of the OSLC Core V2 spec
    • The workgroup agreed that the terminology section needs alignment with the ISTQB glossary.
      • Action Paul to update the terminology section to align with ISTQB
    • The new resource definitions for TestScript, TestExecutionRecord, TestExecutionResult currently adopt the OSLC core common properties. Other properties are needed.
      • Action Paul to add properties for execution result status and test execution record environment.
    • The links definitions need some work
      • Action Paul to update the link's target type column to describe the type of resource that is referred to (where applicable). For example, the type of resource referred to by the validatesRequirementCollection link should be defined in the RM V2 spec
      • Action Paul to remove concept of "inverse" links in preparation for alignment with the OSLC core link guidance
      • Action Paul to adjust the namespaces to use "oslc" also in preparation for alignment with the OSLC core link guidance
  • Next workgroup meeting to be held in two weeks. The workgroup is encouraged to prepare for the next meeting by reviewing the current QM spec draft after Paul has updated as described above.
  • In the next workgroup meeting the workgroup will decide whether to call the draft "final" and start preparing for the convergence phase
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