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Date: June 9 2010


  • Innovate Conference
  • Tieto's reintroduction to the work group
  • CM V2 spec
  • CM spec issues
  • V2 spec draft
    • Scenarios called out need for new resource types: TestScript, TestExecutionRecord, TestExecutionResult
    • Terminology section
    • Compliance section
    • Link types


Attendance: PaulMcMahan, IngridJorgensen
  • Attendance at the work group meeting was low so we decided to postpone the agenda items above until the next meeting.
  • Reviewed the OSLC Core spec
    • Resource shapes
    • Draft version of OSLC core is marked as V2 even though its the first version. The QM V2 spec should be referencing the core spec by V2 instead of V1.
  • Tieto is reviewing the QM V2 spec from standpoint of consumer. Tieto has developed an RQM / Borland Caliber integration that should be able to fully leverage the OSLC QM apis.
  • Next meeting to be held in one week instead of the usual two weeks
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