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Date: May 18 2010



Attendance: PaulMcMahan, DaveJohnson, ScottBosworth, DaveSteinberg, NigelLawrence, TonyDavies? , IanGreen, JeffTurnham?

  • Note: The meeting minutes transcribed during meeting were lost due to a hardware failure. The information recorded here may contain some inaccuracies
  • Discussed the scenarios, work group provided further feedback on the requirements validation and regression test scenarios.
    • Issues are captured in the comment section of the wiki pages
    • Action: PaulMcMahan to incorporate feedback. NigelLawrence to review and provide further improvements/clarifications if necessary.
  • Reviewed the current draft QM V2 specification. With work on the V2 scenarios now winding down the focus will shift to this area of the wiki. First area of attention will be on the resource types and their relationships/links.
    • Work on multiple areas of the spec may go on in parallel
    • Action: PaulMcMahan to make a first pass at defining the resources and providing sample RDF/XML
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