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Date: May 3 2010


  • Proposed V2 schedule
Spec Version Identify Scenarios Introduce Topic Complete Scenarios Draft Specs Spec Convergence Finalize
2.0 Apr 28 2010 May 3 2010 May 12 2010 Jun 23 2010 Jul 7 2010 Jul 21 2010


Attendance: PaulMcMahan, MichaelPena, DaveSteinberg, DaveJohnson, ScottBosworth, ScottFairbrother

  • Looked at current QM V2 draft
    • Mainly focused on aligning with Core specification
    • So far only minor differences such as use of foaf and RDF-ish element names ("TestPlan" in camel case)
    • Workgroup encouraged to contribute and keep an eye on this space. We are expecting to discuss it further in next workgroup meeting
  • Reviewed proposed time line
    • Workgroup did not find any major issues with proposed milestones
    • There was a suggestion to change "Draft Specs" to "Final Draft" to indicate that it could be a reasonable phase to begin prototyping
    • Action: Paul to post time line to QM home page and make the suggested change.
  • Traceability linking scenario
    • Need to break the establishment of links into two separate scenarios : CM and QM, RM and QM
    • De-emphasize the output "graph" produced at the end, just say that the links will be visible. It may be provided by a 3rd party reporting tool or an external tool which simply observes the linkages.
    • Action: Paul to rework the scenarios
  • Requirement validation traceability scenario
    • Similar to QM V1 spec, but involves execution
    • Action: Paul to crisp up execution resources involved
  • Regression Test traceability scenario
    • Current scenario is too explicit about roles. Seems to almost reflect a waterfall development pattern.
    • Needs to reflect agile better. In agile a peer review is very common.
    • An automated agent is often the actor
    • Test suites and/or categorization is often used in the selection of test cases for a regression test
    • Action: Paul to loosen the terminology, look into test suite
  • Execution Request and Execution Verdict scenarios
    • Terminology may overlap with Automation workgroup
    • Action: Paul to investigate spreadsheet used by automation group, look into potential case for common terminology
  • Reporting scenario
    • Probably won't be time in V2 to define specific scenarios for reporting. But QM will be involved in reporting workgroup for prototyping the spec.
  • Build and datapool scenarios
    • Candidates for deferral
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