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Date: April 14 2010


  • Actions from previous meeting
    • Created QmImplementationReports for QM 1.0 implementation reports
    • Announced 2.0 specification effort on the community mailing list
    • Created QmScenariosV2 for V2 scenario discussion (more later)
    • Set V2 target date July 19 2010 (tentative, for discussion)
    • Created QmSpecificationCovenantV2 for capturing V2 IP covenants
    • Meeting with ScottFairbrother, PaulMcMahan, SamitMehta to discuss industry workgroup participation
      • Tieto is interested in continued participation
      • Scott has some other contacts in mind
  • OSLC Core (OslcCore)
Scope Proposed Outline Initial Draft Spec Start Convergence Finalize Spec
February 17 2010 February 24 2010 March 1 2010 April 14 2010 April 28 2010


Attendance: PaulMcMahan, NigelLawrence, TonyDavies? , MichaelPena, DaveSteinberg, DaveJohnson, ScottBosworth, MarceloPaternostro

  • Reviewed action items
  • Discussed potential work group participation from other companies. ScottFairbrother is engaging with some specific contacts and may have an update at the next work group meeting.
  • Core specification
    • DaveJohnson helped explain "common" vs. "core" designation. The core specification is focused on the essential interfaces that serve as a basis for all lifecycle management providers. OSLC also provides guidance on common architectural considerations such as reporting.
    • Core spec will actually remain in convergence past 4/28 to allow more time for adoption and feedback from OSLC domain groups
    • Work group is strongly encouraged to review core spec and provide feedback in the wiki by next week. QM V2 intends to implement the core spec.
  • QM V2 scenarios
    • CALM and traceability scenarios -- QM work group needs more input to determine which of these scenarios are most relevant and high profile across the OSLC community
      • Action PaulMcMahan to gather more input about these scenarios from OSLC leadership and other working groups such as RM and Automation
    • Reporting and Execution scenarios -- QM work group has good experience in this area and can start to craft scenarios for further discussion
      • work group should define reporting scenarios for both live and historical reports since these two types of scenarios have important differences
      • NigelLawrence has some experience with IEEE specification of ATML that may help define execution resources
      • MarceloPaternostro has test related UML models that may help communicate and discuss the execution scenarios
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