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Date: Dec 14 2009



Attendance: ScottBosworth, MichaelPena, IngridJorgensen, JohnWhitfield, PaulMcMahan
  • Paul and Scott will reach out to the remaining OSLC participant who has not yet submitted their IP Covenant
  • Reviewed issues raised by Ingrid in the QM V1 spec. Those issues have been corrected now.
  • The workgroup was in favor of adopting the Common OSLC Query Syntax. Paul will approach the OSLC leads group about this idea.
  • The workgroup agreed with the critique of the multi-value properties section of the REST API spec and are in favor of adopting the linking approach as described in RmRequirementResourceDefinitionV1. The QM V1 spec will be held open until next week to gather any further feedback. If no major objections are raised then Paul will replace the mult-valued properties portion of the spec (oslc_qm:collref) with language describing how rdf:resource attribute will be used for linking.
  • The QM V1 spec will be finalized and closed next week.
  • Workgroup will not meet again until 2010 unless necessary to resolve any remaining issues in the V1 spec
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