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Date: Nov 02 2009


  • Discuss Issues identified with the spec
  • Collect any further feedback on QM specs
  • Discuss finalization of QM 1.0 specs
    • create a "hub" page for V1 specs
    • signoff on patent non-assert. for example see CM covenant
    • rename wiki pages ("SpecPageName" to "SpecPageNameV1")
  • Implementation plans for V1.0 spec
    • forthcoming version of RQM
    • any others known? (full or partial)


Attendance: ScottBosworth, SteveAbrams, WilliamTobin, PaulMcMahan
  • Reviewed the issue tracking page. Most responses were adequate. Two required further discussion
    • The section which discusses paging links for a collection should refer to the appropriate section of ATOM paging spec instead of
    • Having a single content type (application/x-oslc-qm-resource+xml) for all QM resources is less helpful to a consumer in certain scenarios than having a separate content type per resource type (for now, test plan and test case). Paul will update the spec to define separate content types for test plans and test cases. Paul will also follow the convention used by the RM REST API which includes the spec version in the content type - application/x-oslc-test-plan-1.0+xml and application/x-oslc-test-case-1.0+xml.
  • Hub page for V1 specs. Paul will create a hub page and rename the individual wiki pages so that their URL includes the spec version number
  • The hub page will contain a link to the IP signoff page. Each company that contributed to the spec will indicate their non-assertion agreement by submitting the covenant on this signoff page.
  • An upcoming version of Rational Quality Manager will provide the first full implementation of the QM v1 specification
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