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Date: Oct 14 2009



Attended: ScottBosworth, PaulMcMahan, MikeSaylor, ScottFairbrother

  • Discussed time line
    • Convergence on target 10/21
    • Finalize on target 11/1
    • During convergence phase the contributors to OSLC QM will need to post to a wiki page (to be created by Paul) their agreement to uphold the terms of participation
  • Reviewed recent changes to the specs
    • Addition of Delegated Resource Selection and Creation and full text query support to Quality Management Query Syntax bring these specs fully in line with the corresponding CM spec. There are only minor differences such as the usage of "oslc_qm" prefix as opposed to "oslc_cm". This gives further motivation to adopting common OSLC specs for all but the QM resources. Even the QM resource spec is very similar to the CM resource spec but we expect they will start to diverge in their next iteration.
  • Some typos in the spec were pointed out (corrections have been made)
  • Paul to send email to OSLC QM list to notify of the pending finalization of the specs
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