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Date: Sep 30 2009



Attendees: IngridJorgensen, JimConallen, ScottBosworth, PaulMcMahan, MikeSaylor, FarizSaracevic? , SteveAbrams, PaulMcMahan

  • Reviewed recent changes/tweaks to REST API
    • Query API and selective properties support now require predefined XML namespace prefixes (reversal from previous position)
    • It would be helpful for the spec to clarify where these predefined prefixes are used
    • Discussions about OSLC Common specifications are underway. QM is interested in participating in this discussion and adopting these common specs when they are ready.
    • Q: How much has QM REST API drifted from CM REST API? A: Hardly at all. The main difference is QM spec does not include JSON.
  • QM query syntax based on CM V1 query syntax spec except full text search
    • Concerns raised about lack of full text search support
    • Paul to investigate full text support
  • The testplan and testcase resource definitions only contain basic properties from Dublin Core
    • This is intentional for V1 spec. Future versions of the spec are expected to add more QM specific properties
    • Q: Should the resource definitions contain any properties related specifically to requirements so that the use cases are properly covered? A: The Multi-valued properties portion of the REST API spec satisfies the use case but in a generic way. A future version of the resource spec may add properties that describe the cross-OSLC relationships more concretely.

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