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Date: Aug 26 2009



Attendance: PaulMcMahan, MikeSaylor, ScottBosworth, JimConallen, IanGreen, MichaelPena, GoshenPan

  • Introduced new workgroup member from Sogeti
  • Discussed Tieto's recent introduction into the workgroup. Tieto has experience integrationg QM with CaliberRM? , and other types of products. Tieto contact sent regrets for today's meeting.
  • Feedback on CALM scenarios A and B
    • These scenarios present a lot of similarities to the scenarios being developed at RmHome
    • Terminology used in scenarios is OK except "requirement set" should be "requirement collection"
    • It should be more clear when product/tool boundaries are being crossed
    • Need more explicit language around searching/creating test plan and test case resources
  • Feedback on scenario C
    • This scenario may have a good deal in common with other OSLC topic areas where process and metadata are important.
    • Change management workgroup made an explicit decision to set process-oriented scenarios aside for v1.0 specification work.
    • Paul suggested that this scenario could be investigated with the OSLC group at large as opposed to basing it solely on the "template" idea employed by RQM
    • This scenario does not have enough definition yet to provide scope for a draft specification. Due to time constraints for v1.0 specs it may need to be incorporated into a follow-on spec. This should should not prevent the workgroup from continuning to investigate the scenario in parallel with the 1.0 specification activities.
  • Workgroup suggested that we consider adding scenarios which discuss
    • Versioning
    • Reporting. Would be helpful for QM to provide reporting scenarios to newly formed reporting workgroup
    • Query
  • Workgroup raised no issues with proposal to deliver the following OSLC QM 1.0 specifications:
    • REST API
    • Service Discovery
    • Test plan and test case resource formats
  • Workgroup raised no issues with adoption of OSLC Service Provider Catalog 1.0 Specification
  • Ensuing discussion about the scenarios is encouraged via the new OSLC QM mailing list.
  • Proposed schedule for 1.0 deliverables lists 8/28 for scenarios being finalized. Extending to early next week so that feedback from today's meeting can be incorporated into the scenarios.
  • Volunteers requested for authoring and reviewing forthcoming draft specifications. Paul to work on first rough draft of specs and invite collaboration and review based on interest in particular areas.

-- PaulMcMahan - 28 Aug 2009

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