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Meeting 13 August 2009


  • Introductions
  • Forwarding the call for participation
  • Cross participation in other workgroups
  • Web site
  • 2009 Goals
    • Basic integrations with RM
    • QM Service Description
    • QM Restful Services
    • QM Resource XML Definition
  • Proposed timeline for v1.0
    • 9/1 Scenarios
    • 10/1 Draft specification
    • 11/1 Final specification
  • Meeting logistics
    • Frequency (bi-weekly)
    • Web conference
    • Teleconference


Attendance: MikeSaylor, SteveAbrams, ScottBosworth, JimConallen, IanGreen, ScottFairbrother, BillTobin? , PaulTasillo? , PaulMcMahan

  • Background on rest api and integrations in QM space
  • Current industry participation in OSLC QM workgroup
    • IBM
    • Big Lever
    • Sogeti
  • Workgroup desires further industry participation
    • Several other propects discussed
    • Need to follow up on a couple of leads and suggestions
    • Workgroup communication should facilitate openness
    • May request a separate OSLC email list for QM
  • Healthy "cross pollination" with other OSLC workgroups
  • Discussed goals and timeline for 2009
    • Proposed timeline for v1.0 specs is aggressive
    • Mitigated by scoping scenarios
    • Assumption is that the work done on CM specifications can be leveraged
    • Risk associated with above assumption is that the QM scenarios may end up being dissimilar to CM scenarios
    • Another risk is that parts of the CM specs may need to be revisited
  • Scenarios
    • Currently in draft form
    • They are requirement-centric, not necessarily a problem
    • Probably similar to RM scenarios
    • QM workgroup needs to review and provide feedback
  • For next meeting (in two weeks)
    • Report back on any contacts made inviting further industry participation
    • Provide feedback on the draft QM scenarios
    • Everyone to consider in what role and capacity they wish to contribute to the group
  • Meeting logisitics
    • Need to schedule early in the AM to allow participation from Europe and Asia
    • mtg time should favor the widest industry participation over highest attendance

-- PaulMcMahan - 10 Aug 2009

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