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Estimation and Measurement Telecon, 2009-09-18

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AndyBerner, ArthurRyman, LawrencePutnamJr, LeeFischman, ScottBosworth




1. Software Estimation Use Cases Status - LawrencePutnamJr

Larry reviewed the uses cases:

  • Calibrating - no change
  • Initiating - added a business owner actor
  • Monitoring and Controllg - added a program office actor
  • Reestimating - waiting for Andy's summary of discussions
  • Closing -added a metrics analyst actor

2. Summary of Reestimation Use Case Discussion - AndyBerner

No progress. Will review next week.

3. Primer Status - ArthurRyman

Arthur updated the Initiating use case

  • added the MetricService as the EMS 1.0 service provider
  • updated the sequence diagram to include MetricServer

Andy updated the Initiating use case:

  • stated the inputs to estimation in terms of scope instead of size
  • included comment about "what-if" scenarios
  • added breakdown of effort in terms of roles

The addition of effort by role in the Primer adds realism, but needs to be reflected in the XML example. We discussed the tradeoff between simplicity versus realism in the Primer and agreed that we should complete the Primer and put our effort into the Specification. However, we felt it was worth adding the "effort by role" element to the Primer.

ACTION: Arthur will update the Primer Initiating XML to include effort by role

4. Alternative XML Format for Fact Tables - SteveAbrams

Steve was not present. Will review next week.

5. Other Business



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