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John Arwe johnarwe at us.ibm.com
Thu Dec 6 11:47:12 EST 2012

Given the sheer volume, I'll recommend that we triage them on next week's 
call.  Anything that we have unanimous consensus on without any in-call 
discussion time, we can just minute and start updating between meetings 
(typos etc).  The rest we (I, probably) can open specific email threads 
on, since it's always easier to manage things when it's 1 subject per 
thread.  Where there are examples of "same pattern, multiple places" I 
usually took the approach of only noting it once and assuming all 
occurrences would ultimately be searched for and aligned with the working 
group's consensus for what it should look like (changed or not).  It would 
be very sensible if we prioritized the normative sections first, too.  I 
did not give deep scrutiny to the individual resources and properties yet, 
there's enough of the "global" issues to fix I wanted to get the process 
I'm also open to additional meetings to keep it moving, so schedule 'em if 
you want 'em.

I just snapshotted the wiki this morning, pasted into Word, added line and 
page numbers, and used markup to flag things.

Best Regards, John

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Tivoli OSLC Lead - Show me the Scenario
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