[oslc-plm] scenario in networked organisations? e.g. to achieve agile organizations?

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Hello Steve!!

thanks for the hints ;)

What I aim at is supporting Global Software Engineering. Any scenario or user-story about ALM-PLM in a global setting fully qualifies as a case that I can study. Global Software Engineering means multiple organisations (sites, companies, communities...) pool resources collaboratively to develop software globally. I have developed a method that allows to represent these global organisations in terms of basic social community types. What I am currently looking at is how to represent such global scenarios to discover and mitigate organisational barriers... This approach can integrate with ALM-PLM practices and tools to keep in synch the management/governance of global development communities with the management of resources/products.

I'm definitively not there yet. You, as a group, hold key value knowledge and technical expertise from which I can learn :)

if it is of any interest I can share some publications or we can exchange some ideas...



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If I understand your scenario properly, I believe this has been discussed specifically within the Core and Reporting (now defunct) working groups.  As well as discussions across all the various domain groups with some aspects of it.  One idea would be to start a discussion athttp://open-services.net/forums/ and refine your scenario by getting some feedback on it.

I'm wonder too since you sent this to the PLM WG, if you had some thoughts on how this spans ALM-PLM.

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