[oslc-plm] scenario in networked organisations? e.g. to achieve agile organizations?

Steve K Speicher sspeiche at us.ibm.com
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If I understand your scenario properly, I believe this has been discussed 
specifically within the Core and Reporting (now defunct) working groups. 
As well as discussions across all the various domain groups with some 
aspects of it.  One idea would be to start a discussion at 
http://open-services.net/forums/ and refine your scenario by getting some 
feedback on it.

I'm wonder too since you sent this to the PLM WG, if you had some thoughts 
on how this spans ALM-PLM.

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> Subject: [oslc-plm] scenario in networked organisations? e.g. to achieve 

> agile organizations?
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> Hello, 
> My name is Damian A. Tamburri, I am a researcher at VU University 
> I am doing research in Global Software Engineering (GSE) and Networked 
> organizations. Namely, on how to specify the global organizational 
> of a GSE effort (which is a Networked Organization) in terms of services 

> needed to support the communities that emerge (i.e. a service network).
> One of my hypotheses is that the resulting service network can be 
> to find and mitigate organisational barriers that hinder collaboration. 
> end-goal is provide a solution for Agile Organizations, i.e. Networked 
> Organizations able to adapt dynamically to organizational change.
> Did the group ever consider a concrete scenario in this? has any member 
> the group experienced similar requirements?
> best,
> Damian
> Damian Andrew Tamburri - Ph.D. Researcher
> Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
> De Boelelaan 1081a
> 1081 HV Amsterdam, The Netherlands
> Faculty of Exact Sciences - Department of Computer Science
> Room T428
> +31 (0) 654 290399
> d.a.tamburri at vu.nl
> http://vu-nl.academia.edu/DamianAndrewTamburri

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