[oslc-core] was dcterms:type intentionally omitted from Core's common properties?

Samuel Padgett spadgett at us.ibm.com
Tue Nov 15 16:15:17 EST 2011

Specifically regarding dcterms:type: It looks like the range is
http://www.w3.org/2000/01/rdf-schema#Class. I think perhaps dcterms:type
predated rdf:type and now is redundant.

I see this explaination here:


"The property dcterms:type has semantics very similar to rdf:type. At the
time of writing, the precise relationship between those properties remains
It is recommended that RDF applications implementing this specification
primarily use and understand rdf:type in place of dcterms:type when
expressing Dublin Core metadata in RDF, as most RDF processors come with
built-in knowledge of rdf:type."

The OSLC-CM spec uses dcterms:type as a label for the type, but I'm not
sure that's right.
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oslc-core-bounces at open-services.net wrote on 11/15/2011 01:32:59 PM:

> John Arwe/Poughkeepsie/IBM at IBMUS asked

> Not having been around for the bulk of the 2.0 spec stream
> development, I'm wondering if I should/not read anything (and if I
> should, what/how much) into which Dublin Core elements were
> explicitly listed as common properties [1] vs those that were
> omitted.  dcterms:type provides a nice example.  It is in Dublin
> Core [2], it is used in CM 2.0 [3], but it is not in OSLC-common.

John, there are two "types" in the Change Request resource:

One is the OSLC type (which is in the namespace rdf) which is part of the
core spec
The other is a CM specific property (though IMHO other specs such as RM
should also adopt) which is the "type of change request" such as "Defect"
or "Enhancement".  That's not a core property, but does use dcterms:type.

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