[oslc-cm] Updates on severity/priority property definitions

Steve K Speicher sspeiche at us.ibm.com
Mon Sep 10 14:54:05 EDT 2012

Sam and I had a working session with Arthur Ryman on the proposal to add 
priority and serverity to OSLC-CM [1].  I think we have a good proposal 
the handles most if not all scenarios.

To make it easier to view the differences, I created a new section 
"Details (New)" with the new proposal that has these new and nice 
- Introduced class of cm:Priority and cm:Severity. cm:priority has a range 
of cm:Priority and cm:severity has a range of cm:Severity.
- CM spec defines 4 instances of cm:Severity as: cm:Major, cm:Normal, 
cm:Minor, cm:SeverityUndefined (names could be tweaked)
- CM spec defines 4 instances of cm:Priority as: cm:High, cm:Medium, 
cm:Low, cm:PriorityUndefined (names could be tweaked)
- Any custom value should be of type cm:Severity or cm:Priority
- To relate OSLC-defined values to custom ones, we'll use the predicate 

Let's plan on discussing at the September 13th telecon.

[1] - http://open-services.net/bin/view/Main/CmPropsSeverityPriority

Steve Speicher
IBM Rational Software
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