[oslc-ArchMgmt] OSLC Picker Dialog functionality

James Conallen jconallen at us.ibm.com
Thu Sep 22 09:31:26 EDT 2011

Hi Bob,

When it comes to just the OSLC (this email list)  the concept of 'Friends'
is not something that the OSLC defines. I'm guessing that you thinking
about Rational Design Manager, and its configuration UI for setting up a
Jazz Friend server.  RDM leverages the Jazz infrastructure for that.  So we
should bring this to their attention (either a jazz.net JFS forum post or
an enhancement request).

I'd like to understand a little better what you mean by subselecting
possible values.  In Jazz, establishing Friends is a very infrequently done
operation (typically only when the server is initially configured and when
other server comes on line).  Or when you mean the Friends picker dialog,
you are referring to the RDM dialog that pops up when you are creating a
new link from a RDM resource to another resource on another server?  In
that dialog the first thing you need to do is select from the list of
associated projects (most of which are on another server).  Is this the
list you'd like to filter/sort?

If it is, we've talked about that, and there is potential to do so using
the OSLC usage property that is associated with pickers.  But such a
solution is not trivial and will involve capturing a lot of other meta data
about link types.  The other Jazz products can do this easier because they
have, for the most part, fixed link types and the can internally codify
extra meta data about these types much easier that we can.  In RDM we have
a very dynamic link type system, and managing that extra meta data requires
more design and thought.


jim conallen
Rational Design Management (DM) Lead Architect, OSLC AM Lead
jconallen at us.ibm.com
Rational Software, IBM Software Group

From:	Robert W Myers/Lexington/IBM at IBMUS
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Date:	09/21/2011 03:55 PM
Subject:	[oslc-ArchMgmt] OSLC Picker Dialog functionality
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One of our users today suggested that he would like two things:
1) The names of the OSLC Data Sources in the OSLC Friends Picker Dialog be
able to be named meaningfully for both all applications (A user-defined
title like 'My Product')
2) The ability to subselect the set of possible values in the OSLC Friends
Picker Dialog based on the value in the record from which the linking is
being done. (If Product = 'My Product' then show only OSLC Friends 'Your
Product' and 'Best Product', not any others)
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