[oslc-ArchMgmt] OSLC AM 15-Sep Meeting Minutes

James Conallen jconallen at us.ibm.com
Thu Sep 15 11:30:28 EDT 2011

Here are the minutes from today's OSLC AM bi-weekly call.

Thanks to all who participated, especially to Dan and Clyde who have
volunteered for some homework.

To anyone not on the call today - if you are interested in helping produce
working examples of OSLC AM (and other OSLC specs), please let me know and
I can provide some opportunities and options for you to contribute.  I
especially want to reach out to those non-Rational participants for help.
We need your domain expertise in the scenario and example artifact
creation.  If you have any time to help please let me know.

Thanks, jim


   Regrets: Steve Speicher

   Attendees: Gary Johnston, Sandeep Katoch, Dan Berg, Sandeep Kohli, Clyde
   D. Icuspit, Ian Green, Jim Conallen


   With the finalization of the OSLC AM specification we are looking at
   better ways to evangelize the OSLC and OSLC AM in particular and
   encourage adoption of the standards and tools based on it.

   The ALM/PLM workgroup is currently developing an actual executable
   example/test environment for ALM/PLM concerns. It was suggested that
   this workgroup do something similar. Produce an exemplar that
   demonstrations the value of tools based on OSLC protocols.

   Sandeep Kholi pointed out that the major commercial products
   implementing OSLC APIs (RTC, RRC, RQM) already have a sample application
   (JKE Banking) that is integrated between those three applications, and
   there exists Design Management (DM) models that are compatible with them
   that could be leveraged.

   The current feature set of DM is read only so the major OSLC AM
   implementation is limited to linking, with the major value proposition
   of DM being around collaboration (including commenting, reviews, and
   relationhsip diagrams).

   Another option is to provide an example around the Eclipse Lyo project
   (formerly RIO and SORI), an emerging OSLC reference implementation. This
   tool however has a very limited and unpolished UI, and is really only
   useful for detailed programmatic interactions. Its advantages however
   are in its abililty to manage ANY type of resource. It can be referenced
   by the Rational commercial products, with a little work / workaround.

   In general the participants in todays call said that providing an
   exemplar to promote OSLC and OSLC AM adoption would be a good thing.

   Dan Berg got volunteered to draft up a short description of how such an
   example might look with the current commerical implementations of the
   specifications (Rational DM, DOORS, System Architect, RRC, RTC, RQM and
   IBG). This exemplar would focus on the collaboration oppertunities that
   OSLC enable.

   Clyde D. Icuspit got volunteered to draft up a short description of an
   example that was much more programmatic, and more along the lines of
   MDD, build and deploy. This example will leverage the Eclipse Lyo
   implentation and highlight the programmatic access of AM resources
   (query and REST access).

   Ian Green agreed that there might be some cross over oppertunities with
   the RM workgroup to collaborate on these examples.

   When these drafts come back in we will commission small workgroups to
   flesh them out, and report back to this workgroup on progress.

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