[oslc] [Oslc-pm] Proposal to Finalize a Subset of the OSLC EMS 1.0 Vocabulary

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Hi Arthur,

Please add ems:Metric to the subset, and then it's complete for our

-- Regards,

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Date:	03/15/2013 01:22 PM
Subject:	[Oslc-pm] Proposal to Finalize a Subset of the OSLC EMS 1.0
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The OSLC Performance Monitoring 2.0 specification [1] depends on a subset
of the OSLC EMS 1.0 vocabulary [2], which is currently in the Convergence
phase. The use of these vocabulary terms by OSLC Performance Monitoring
2.0 provides us with enough implementation experience to recommend that we
finalize the used subset. The remainder of the vocabulary will remain in
the Convergence phase until we get similar implementation experience.

Based on discussions with Steve Speicher, we've decided to maintain a
single namespace for OSLC EMS 1.0, and to allow its terms to be at various
phases of approval. This approach follows the way that the FOAF vocabulary
is managed. [3] In FOAF, each term has a "Status", which is a value such
as "testing", or "stable". FOAF uses the vocabulary vs: "
http://www.w3.org/2003/06/sw-vocab-status/ns#" and the property
vs:term_status="testing". [4]

I'll use the standard OSLC lifecycle phases: "Scope", "Draft", "Converge",
"Finalize", and "Final" as the values for vs:term_status. [5]

I have created a wiki page that lists the proposed subset. [6]

I will also be adding indicators to the OSLC EMS 1.0 vocabulary document
to clearly define the approval status of each term.  All terms except the
requested subset will be marked as "Converge". The requested subset will
be marked as "Finalize".
Please reply to this list with your comments, concerns, and feedback.



[3] http://xmlns.com/foaf/spec/
[4] http://www.w3.org/2003/06/sw-vocab-status/note
[5] http://open-services.net/specifications/


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