[oslc] Last call for comments on new OSLC governance updates

Sean Kennedy seanpk at ca.ibm.com
Wed May 16 14:56:19 EDT 2012

(copied from blog post:

   With a number of very strong approvals for the proposed OSLC governance
   updates rolling in through private conversations. We're looking to move
   forward and finalize the related legal documents, and will do so based
   on the comments received by Tuesday, May 22, 2012. If you have
   objections to the proposed direction, please be sure to comment before

   If you haven't already taken a look, or got your lawyer to take a look,
   be sure to grab the documents from, and post any comments on, the
   related Forum threads:
         Members Agreement
         IP Policy and Workgroup Participation Agreement

   General comments are welcome on this Forum thread.


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