[oslc] Software catalogs/archives APIs linked to OSLC specs ?

Sheehan Anderson sheehan at us.ibm.com
Tue Jan 31 12:01:01 EST 2012

Hi Olivier

You probably want to take a look at the OSLC Asset Management specification.
It sounds like there's some overlap between this specification and the standard that you are proposing.

Sheehan Anderson
sheehan at us.ibm.com

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Subject: [oslc] Software catalogs/archives APIs linked to OSLC specs ?


I'm participating in the ADMS.F/OSS working group [0] that's trying to
propose a standard for describing meta-data of software that is meant to
be published by software forges, software catalogs, and other software
reuse portals.

We'll most likeliy be reusing existing standards like DC, DOAP, SPDX,
etc. That should make it compatible with OSLC's RDF in principle (and I'll
personally try and avoid any incompatibilities as much as possible ;-).

I'd like to ask you wether there would already be some such meta-data
specified in OSLC that I may have overlooked (I'm only familiar with
OSLC-CM to tell the truth), if some groups have been working on software
catalogs, package archives, or software components discovery and likes.

Many thanks in advance for any pointers.

Best regards,

[0] http://joinup.ec.europa.eu/asset/adms_foss/home
Olivier BERGER 
http://www-public.it-sudparis.eu/~berger_o/ - OpenPGP-Id: 2048R/5819D7E8
Ingenieur Recherche - Dept INF
Institut TELECOM, SudParis (http://www.it-sudparis.eu/), Evry (France)

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