[oslc] OSLC in other languages ?

Scott Bosworth bosworth at us.ibm.com
Wed Sep 8 11:09:30 EDT 2010

Hi Olivier, I'm not aware of any work in progress on translation of OSLC
specs, however, there has been some expressed interest in OSLC by some
Japanese companies. I would not be surprised to see interest in a Japanese
translation at some point in the future. The Overview chapter and perhaps
some of the guidance chapters make sense to me - not sure how deep in the
specs you'd want to go. Re: the French translation - I've noticed several
recent additions to the community that come from France, so you may have an
audience to review your translation? :-)

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> Subject: [oslc] OSLC in other languages ?
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> Hi.
> Have there been any discussions about OSLC in other languages (both
> local communities and/or translations / nomenclature in other
> languages) ?
> I'm currently translating some bits of the OSLC Core (Overview chapter)
> to french, so was thinking about what should (not) / could be done in
> this respect.
> Any ideas, comments (of course, for native english speakers that may
> make less sense ;).
> Best regards,
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