[oslc] OSLC Change Management Working Group Minutes October 13, 2010

Steve K Speicher sspeiche at us.ibm.com
Wed Oct 13 14:01:54 EDT 2010

Minutes: http://open-services.net/bin/view/Main/CmMeetings10132010

Attendees: SteveSpeicher, RobertElves, AndreWeinand, SamPadgett, 
SofiaYeung, DaveJohnson, ScottBosworth 
Regrets: MikKersten, SamitMehta,

    * Call for additional agenda items, none.
    * Progress on 2.0 spec finalization
          o Promoting usage URIs to be allowed values for rdf:type of a 
                + agreement to make change 
          o Clarifying what should be returned from queries when 
requesting application/xml: atom or rdf-subset?
                + Steve will clarify what should be returned with 
appl/xml, abbrev RDF/XML form of XML
                + Steve will clarify to use rdf/xml within atom+xml as 
recommended content type for entries 
          o Review any new CmImplementationReports
                + no new updates 
          o Review and resolve any CmSpecV2Issues on CmSpecificationV2
                + no new issues logged 
    * Will declare 2.0 final when:
          o 2 Provider implementation reports received (4 received as of 
          o 1 Consumer implementation report received (4 received as of 
                + Looking for more feedback on shapes, limited feedback to 
          o WG will review impl reports and make decision on whether specs 
are considered implementable and interoperable
          o Continue to leave open for feedback
          o will vote on the Oct 27th and target as finalization as CM and 
Core clarifications are finalized 
    * Community updates
          o Implementation progress
                + SteveSpeicher attended Open World Forum and presented on 
OSLC. Also many good discussions during the conference on OSLC
                + RobertElves Eclipse Mylyn announcement that it has been 
elevated to top-level Eclipse project and OSLC is part of it
                + SteveSpeicher reiterated mailing list announcements on 
early access support for CM 2.0 by Rational's CM products: Team Concert, 
Change and ClearQuest? 
    * Review and prioritize scenarios for further consideration
          o Feedback on Possible OSLC priorities and themes for 2011
                + RobertElves standard way to get embeddable/delegated 
ChangeRequest? Web UI editor
                + RobertElves way to know which properties' allow values 
are dependent on another property's current value
                + SofiaYeung similar to Robert's needs on providing more 
information on property dependencies
                + AndreWeinand similar request for delegated CR editors
                + AndreWeinand comprehensive test suites are needed to 
help ensure complete coverage, esp of areas of spec that aren't used in 
own team's integration testing.
                + SamPadgett ability to tie state changes across 
resources, for example defect being fixed unblocking test case
                + SamPadgett mechanism similar to delegated editor UI but 
possibly for action based or state change scenarios
                + SamLee Action based integration with abstract levels of 
state models, completing state predicate and actions works from before
                + Need for way for common ways of initiating and 
performing approvals/reviews. 
          o Other material referenced and will discuss in future meetings:
                + Scenario Backlog
                + V2 Technical Priorities and backlog
                + Experimental Specification and feedback
                + V2 Architectural Direction and Backlog 
    * Next meetings:
          o 27-Oct-2010 Finalize 2.0, Scoping of scenarios and content for 
post-2.0 specs.
          o 10-Nov-2010 Continue post-2.0 work 

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