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Scott Bosworth bosworth at us.ibm.com
Tue Nov 23 14:11:48 EST 2010

IBM IP attorney Dan McCloughlin volunteered to help me work through some
community comments I had received in e-mail on the proposed OSLC Open
Source Project CLA [1]. Mostly, the comments had to do with tidying up our
adaptation of the Apache Software Foundation CLA. Net -- the proposed OSLC
Open Source Project CLA remains unchanged from the Apache CLA except in two

a. In the Apache CLA, Contributors license both recipients of the software
in the project AND the Apache Software Foundation. In the OSLC CLA,
Contributors license only the recipients of the software in the project.
b. The OSLC CLA was updated to remove other references to the Apache
Software Foundation, mostly related to administrative processes in handling
the CLA documents or issues.

Thanks to some help from Olivier Berger, you can see a side-by-side
comparison of the two documents here [2].

Additional review is welcome - please feel free to send me e-mail directly
if you have additional comment or correction. Thanks...Scott

[1] http://open-services.net/bin/view/Main/OslcOpenSourceProjectCLA

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> Hi.
> Let me add a few bits, as we're eager to participate as initial
> contributors too, and have discussed some of these bits with the other
> initial founders.
> Le mardi 16 novembre 2010 à 17:29 -0500, Steve K Speicher a écrit :
> > This project will look to align with other appropriate open source
> > projects such as Eclipse, Apache, etc  if and when needed. The focus of

> > this OSLC open source project is narrowly on specification and
> > implementation validation.
> >
> Complementing on Steve's introduction, there's not yet a legal body to
> formally contribute the code to. The project may some day try and
> candidate to an existing Open Source foundation if that helps (which
> will be less work than setting up a novel infrastructure, for a project
> intended to be quite modest, at least in the current foreseen
> contributions).
> Still, we want to make sure that all contributions can indeed be
> licensed under a well agreed upon Open Source license (Apache license,
> and every contributor keeping copyright ownership on his/her code), so
> we'll probably try and collect Contributor's license agreements (CLA) to
> make sure there's no copyright/license problems embedded in
> contributions from the very beginning.
> I hope this will be a good mix of legalese, yet allowing contributions
> to flow in (IANAL) ;-)
> For the curious ones, I've added to the wiki a comparison document
> between the original Apache CLA and the proposed CLA document. That's
> still work in progress, of course, and we'll try and make sure there's a
> lightwight process, still compatible with copyright law, that will allow
> contributors to join in in a safe way.
> Adopting a contribution process similar to the one of the Apache
> Software Foundation seems to me the best way to diminish legal
> uncertainty, so that this project can be a successful Open Source
> project.
> Looking forward to reading your comments/proposals to join :-)
> Best regards,
> --
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