[OSLC] OSLC Change Management Working Group Minutes January 20, 2010

Steve K Speicher sspeiche at us.ibm.com
Wed Jan 20 16:30:12 EST 2010


Attendees: SteveSpeicher, AndreWeinand, RobertElves, SofiaYeung, MatsGothe
, SamLee, ScottBosworth, DaveJohnson, MarkRinger, SamitMehta 
Regrets: MikKersten, DenisTyrell, SusanDuncan, IanGreen, YongLi 
No additions to agenda 
Request for taking about test suites and validation at future meeting 
SofiaYeung discussed issues and guidance for internationalization of label 
with change request resource. SteveSpeicher could use Accept-Language 
SteveSpeicher Create action to track providing needed guidance or spec 
update here 
Update on authentication: 
SofiaYeung says they use connection method provided by product java apis 
RobertElves has only seen basic and form-based, not oauth 
MarkRinger only supports basic auth to rally, looking at oauth 
Roadmap review: agreement on 2.0 spec convergence to occur in May/June 
No update to review for to either CmOfRequirements or CmScenarioReviews 
Worked on CmTechnicalPrioritiesV2 (see link for more details) 
Next meetings: CmMeetings02032010 (regular), 27-Jan-2010 

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