[OSLC] Proposal for an OSLC PLM Workgroup

Scott Bosworth bosworth at us.ibm.com
Tue Jan 19 15:26:21 EST 2010

Gray - thanks for the proposal. No doubt that the worlds of PLM and ALM are
colliding, so this seems to me to be a logical (inevitable?) topic to
consider at for OSLC. Should we form a workgroup, the trick I think will be
in how the group interacts with the other domain workgroups. I could see
this group acting as a special interest group in ensuring existing domain
topics -- change, requirements, quality, ... -- consider PLM/ALM
integration scenarios in their spec efforts. I could also imagine PLM
specific resources and specs being proposed. What's your thinking on the
relative priority of these two?

Any other feedback on Gray's suggestion?


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  From:       Gray Bachelor <gray_bachelor at uk.ibm.com>                                                                      
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  Date:       01/15/2010 03:14 PM                                                                                           
  Subject:    [OSLC] Proposal for an OSLC PLM Workgroup                                                                     

Dear OSLC community members

As the OSLC specs are built out and applied more I would like to propose a
new workgroup to support usage in the context of Product Lifecycle
Management (PLM)

A OSLC PLM workgroup would bring people together who have a common interest
in defining specifications that enable lifecycle collaboration and
integration around ALM in the context of PLM to inform an existing OSLC
specification or contribute new specifications.

I would like to propose that the OSLC PLM workgroup aims to
1. Evaluate applicability of existing OSLC specifications towards use in a
mixed ALM/PLM setting
2. Contribute towards extension or new OSLC specifications base upon need
for ALM/PLM collaborations

and envisage topics associated with ALM in a PLM context such as the
following topics for discussion,

i        PLM product identities used within the ALM environment such as to
name (e.g. identify, classify or associate) activities and artefacts
ii        ALM deliveries of product content (artefacts) into a PLM setting
such as part of a release managed by PLM
iii        Flows of plans, requirements, quality info and changes
activities and items between ALM and PLM
iv        Analytics, reporting from ALM to PLM, from PLM to ALM or
v        Organisation, role, approvals and authorities affecting ALM in a
PLM setting

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is proposed as business concerns
associated with managing a product over its lifecycle to achieve the
desired market and business objectives.

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) is proposed as business concerns
associated with managing a viable software delivery that constitutes or
realises a software application.
As PLM tends to be cross-discipline, cross-functional and extend to most
areas of an organisation's business operations, the proposal here is to
consider primarily where an application represents a product for sale
and/or distribution, (or where an application may be a component of a
software suite or system that represents a product for sale and/or
distribution). There are also additional concerns to build out such as
where an application is very strongly related to a product but may not
constitute it, such as a test application, product configurator or even a
PLM or ERP application.

I envisage participation from those with an interest or experience of
applying OSLC or other industry standards to the ALM/PLM collaboration and
integration topics.

Please provide comments of support or what is needed to make such a
workgroup useful for your interests

Best regards

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