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Cory Casanave cory-c at modeldriven.com
Mon Jan 18 12:20:41 EST 2010

This is a public notice of a new activity of the Object Management Group
(OMG), the Architecture Ecosystem SIG (AE SIG), to provide for improved
definition and integration of models and modeling languages within an
ecosystem where modeling tools and languages can be used together more
effectively.  Modeling in this context includes all forms of structured
knowledge representation, including: Business Models, Vocabularies,
Ontologies, Object Models, System Models, SOA Models, Data Models,
Schema, Process Models, Domain Specific Languages, etc.


The summary charter for the group is as follows:

The mission of the Architecture Ecosystem SIG (AE SIG) is to work with
OMG domain and platform task forces, other relevant OMG SIGs, external
entities and related industry groups to facilitate the creation of a
common architectural ecosystem. This ecosystem will support the
creation, analysis, integration and exchange of information between
modeling languages across different domains, viewpoints and from
differing authorities. In particular the need for business and
enterprise level architectural viewpoints must be better integrated with
the technical viewpoints that define systems to address enterprise
needs. The AE SIG will focus on the capability to define and integrate
languages and models in various viewpoints and support other groups that
will focus on the specific viewpoints required for their specific
domains. The set of viewpoints, supporting models and supporting
technologies will comprise the ecosystem.



This notice is being sent to groups that may have interest or expertise
in this area, your participation is invited.  Full participation is
limited to OMG members but the community at large may monitor the group
and have access to the mail list (see below).  The AE SIG membership
feel there is substantial pent-up user demand for better integration of
their tools and languages and that tractable solutions are available.
We look forward to working with other individuals and groups in this
endeavor.  Please do not hesitate to contact either of the chairs for
additional information.



Architecture Ecosystem Wiki:

Object Management Group Home Page: http://www.omg.org

Email address to request participation: request (at) omg.org



EA SIG Chairs (See Wiki for Email Address)

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