[OSLC] Possible new Working Group - Automation

David N Brauneis brauneis at us.ibm.com
Tue Jan 12 20:24:34 EST 2010

Since I am new to participating in the Open Services for Lifecycle 
Collaboration (OSLC) community, I was unsure how new Working Groups 
(topics) are proposed or initiated but would like to propose a new Working 
Group (topic) focused on Automation. Automation is a best practice and an 
important aspect of the software development and delivery lifecycle which 
spans the different stages - including multiple technologies (compilers, 
languages, scripts, platforms, etc...) and activities(compilation, 
analysis, packaging, deployment, etc..). Automation provides the 
capability to eliminate manual handoffs between the different disciplines 
in the software development and delivery lifecycle as well as 

Initially, I think that the Working Group (topic) could focus on the a 
couple of scenarios:
        1. Build - automated compilation and packaging of code
        2. Deployment - automated delivery/installation of build output

david brauneis | ibm rational automation framework for websphere chief 
email: brauneis at us.ibm.com | phone: 919-254-9935 | mobile: 919-656-0874
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