[OSLC] Root Services vs Service Provider Catalog

Ferran Rodenas frodenas at gmail.com
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Steve, Arthur,

Thanks for your response. Is there any WG working in common OSLC specs? Is
there any wiki page where I can add/see pending reqs and follow the overall
plan/progress and priorities?

- Ferran

2010/1/5 Arthur Ryman <ryman at ca.ibm.com>

> Steve/Ferran,
> Ditto. My workgroup (Estimation and Measurement) will also not define
> anything in this space, i.e. we will assume that whatever app server a
> service is deployed on will have a mechanism for publishing the services
> deployed on it.
> IMHO, I think this is a valid requirement but a lower priority for OSLC
> since we have several other common specs to define that affect the detailed
> design of services, e.g. query, resource representations.
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> Re: [OSLC] Root Services vs Service Provider Catalog
> Ferran Rodenas <frodenas at gmail.com> wrote on 12/23/2009 06:35:14 PM:
> > Some questions about discovery services and security:
> >
> > 1) Are there any plans to create an OSLC specification similar to
> > the JF Root Services specification (*https://jazz.net/wiki/bin/view/*<https://jazz.net/wiki/bin/view/>
> > Main/RootServicesSpec)? If not, which is the standard mechanism to
> > discover services offered by a tool? Clients MUST point directly to
> > the desired Service Provider Catalog (CM, QM, RM, ...)?
> As more topics have come on line and producing 1.0 versions of
> specifications, there is a growing need for this at OSLC.  We have started
> to collect some of these common requirements but we have no firm plans of
> yet to provide such a mechanism.
> So the current standard mechanism is the consumer most some how know the
> URL for the service provider catalog or document: email, chat, additional
> wrapper spec (JF root services), etc.
> > 2) In this scenario, how consumers deal with security? The Service
> > Provider Catalog Specification 1.0 says that access to a service
> > provider catalog resource MAY be protected, and the CM Rest API 1.0
> > says that service providers SHOULD support HTTP basic authentication
> > and/or OAuth. But, how consumers knows which authentication methods
> > are supported by the service provider? In the JF Root Services, at
> > least, there are some Oauth properties.
> In CM v1.0 we decided (as you noticed) is leave it open.  You have to rely
> on some external mechanism like the JF Root Services model to discover or
> you can rely on HTTP 401 challenges or other established model that the
> consumer knows about (eg vendor-specific form-based auth).
> As we keep pulling in more topic areas, vendors and experience from these
> integrations, we'll work towards driving these issues forward.
> Thanks,
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