[oslc] OSLC Core workgroup topics for Dec 2010 and Jan 2011

Dave snoopdave at gmail.com
Thu Dec 2 09:10:43 EST 2010

OSLC work-group members and community:

Now that the OSLC Core is so close to finalizing and we're wrapping up
the last reviews and clarifications, the Core workgroup is moving
ahead with some new topics. These news topics should be of interest to
all OSLC domain workgroups and, though you are always welcome to
attend Core work-group meetings, we'd like to extend a special
invitation to this series. We'd love for you to attend, participate in
the discussions and give us your feedback.

Here are the meeting times, dates and relevant dial-in numbers:

And here are the session topics and dates so you can plan ahead:

Dec 8 - Multi-typed resources, Jim Conallen
There will be cases where a resource is of multiple rdf:types but we
have no guidance on how this situation should be handled. Jim will
lead a discussion to explain the related scenarios, the open issues
and his recommendations for Core and/or other Domain work-group
activities around this topic.

Dec 15 - OSLC Primer, Dave Johnson
Consensus is that we need an approachable introduction for those new
to OSLC, one designed for developers who understand web development
but may be new to REST, HTTP, RDF and other foundational technologies.
Dave will explain his proposed outline and seek feedback.

Jan 5 - Baselining, Nick Crossley
Baselining is an important topic in the PLM and other work-groups.
There are different use cases and terminologies. Nick will explain the
current situation and lead a discussion on how baselining should fit
into the OSLC specs

Jan 12 - Comments / Discussions, Steve Speicher, John Vasta
The OSLC Core spec includes Comments and Discussion resources but they
have not been widely adopted. Steve and John will cover the state of
union in regard to comments/discussions and lead a discussion of
options for moving forward.

Jan 19 - Test Suite, Steve Speicher
Test Suite code should be contributed by this time and Steve will
explain what is there, how it works and lead a discussion of next
steps for improving test coverage and consumability.

Jan 26 - Reference Implementation, Dave Johnson
OSLC RI code should be contributed by this time and Dave will explain
what is there, how it works and lead a discussion of next steps for
improving the RI implementation and consumability.

Feb 2 - Attachments (Dave Johnson)
We use a number of patterns for storing non OSLC defined resources
(e.g. JAR files, images, video and Word processing files) and then
annotating them with properties. Dave will explain the patterns in use
and propose an outline for guidance on the topic.


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