[OSLC] OSLC-CM Working Group Minutes 16 September 2009

Steve K Speicher sspeiche at us.ibm.com
Wed Sep 16 14:09:58 EDT 2009


Attendees: SteveSpeicher, AndreWeinand, RobertElves, MikKersten, 
ScottBosworth, SamLee, MarkRinger, SamitMehta, SteveAbrams, SofiaYeung, 
Regrets: EricSink 

Call for agenda updates 
MikKersten requests add of Mylyn implementation of CM spec 
Mylyn implementation of CM spec being added to October plan with some core 
Java API support (OSLC-CM 1.0), filling in gaps for February 2010 with 
possible 2.0 content as well. 
Would like to explore the utilityof this in later releases 
Looking to support delegated Web UI for submissions from Eclipse UI 
Quick introductions, welcoming SofiaYeung and DenisTyrell from Oracle 
RobertElves reviewed ScenariosMylyn ITask interface: 
ACTION: RobertElves to update 
There are relationships involved that aren't highlighted here 
ACTION: SteveSpeicher and all to build a table/matrix comparing each tools 
representation of a ChangeRequest? as well as what type of scenarios they 
are needed for. Target for contribution by September 28 so it can be 
combined and review for CmMeetings09302009 
Discussion around integration approaches: UI, fixed vocabularies and 
meta-data. Consensus in that each scenario may require a different or 
combined or new approach to integration 
ACTION: SteveAbrams, ScottBosworth and MarkRinger to draft up details on 
integration styles 
Next Meeting 30-Sept-2009 12:00 PM Eastern 
Review mapping of fields from various resource types (task, defect, 
enhancement) by each WG member's tool/perspective 
Update on integration styles writeup 
Please update with corrections as needed 

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