[Community] OSLC Change Management Working Group Minutes from 13 May 2009

Steve K Speicher sspeiche at us.ibm.com
Wed May 13 15:13:11 EDT 2009

Minutes: http://open-services.net/bin/view/Main/CmMeetings05132009

Attendees: SteveSpeicher, SteveAbrams, AndreWeinand, RobertElves, 
MikKersten, ScottBosworth, GaryDang? , SamitMehta, CarolynPampino 
1.0 Spec issues 
May 22nd, final day to lock spec. We'll continue with minor updates 
regarding introductory text, clarfication and consistency (polish), as 
well as any late-breaking implementation discoveries. 
Reviewed latest "higher impact" changes: 
attended factory dropped, form factory (POST on creationDialog) 
usage of ETags/If-Match parameter on PUT 
SteveSpeicher demonstrated TeamConcert? and ClearQuest? support from 
single test application: deep dive on service discovery, delegated UI 
2.0 Milestone Plan / Roadmap: 
July - First focus on scope (scenarios supported) 
4Q - target for finalization specs 
Tabled retrospective until 27 May 
Next meeting May 27, 12 ET, agenda topics: 
Tasktop to demonstrate their efforts, looking for WG feedback on approach 
Retrospective on 1.0 efforts 

Update minutes with any corrections.

Steve Speicher | IBM Rational Software | (919) 254-0645
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