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5 nicely conveys the diversity of partners at OSLC. The others are too 
blue IMHO.

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Thanks everyone for your constructive and prompt feedback. Option 1 was 
the clear favorite and we've decided to go with that design. However, as 
prompted by several comments, we're looking at alternative color schemes. 
Please see the proposed candidates at the url below. 

Number 5 was the original color scheme. I've been told by the design team 
that your eye tends to leap to your favorite choice upon initial view of 
the options - in other words - don't think too much! Feel free to offer 
opinions back to the mailing list or directly to me by July 19. We'll make 
a selection on Monday, July 20 and then start a legal review process with 
hopes of completing the logo selection in July. Thanks again (and many 
thanks to Susan)...Scott


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