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Scott Bosworth bosworth at us.ibm.com
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Great points Simon, I agree completely. Not to jump to spec too quickly,
but it may be helpful to look at the OSLC-CM 1.0 spec (
http://open-services.net/bin/view/Main/CmSpecificationV1) and its
approaches for establishing project context (service discovery),
collections of change-requests, and simple query services. We may be able
to learn something on how we might think about requirements collections
from this vantage point.

To Andy's point, rather than saying that a requirement should have a "back
pointer" to the project, we might instead say that given the url of a
requirement, we may have a need to discover the project context (or maybe
other requirements collection contexts?). I think this is probably a common
scenario - someone receives the requirement url in an e-mail and that's all
they have. This is a topic that has come up in the CM 2.0 directions as
well (see http://open-services.net/bin/view/Main/CmArchitecturalDirectionV2
 -- Reverse service discovery).


p.s. Ian - I think the to-do Steve and I took was to think about how to
better organize the scenarios overall in the site given the cross-domain
nature many of them exhibit.

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Hi all - moving this discussion to the mailing list...Scott

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I missed the last call where this was discussed) ...
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 Subje RE: OSLC RM - meetings during July                                  

To elaborate on Andy’s comment (and noting that I missed the last call
where this was discussed) ...

Requirements collections can mean many things. They may be related to
application/project structure (e.g. subsystem X); they may time related
(e.g. phase B); they may represent any arbitrary grouping of related
requirements based on some classification.

This has implications on cardinality. One collection may contain many
requirements. But one requirement may also be a member of many collections
(e.g. it may be re-used across projects; it may belong to collection of key
integrity requirements at the same time as being in the collection of
requirements that are to be implemented in phase B).

This isn’t an issue in terms of addressability, in that it’s perfectly
valid for one resource to be designated by multiple URIs. Hence a single
requirement resource might have a canonical URI
(e.g. /world/requirements/R1027), while also being addressable within the
context of one or more collections
(e.g. /world/projects/Project12/requirements/R32
and /world/applications/App14/requirements/R527). In both cases, it’s
desirable for a GET on a given URI to return related URIs (e.g. a GET on a
collection-based requirement URI returning not only a representation of the
requirement, but also listing the canonical URI of that requirement in its
related resources).

If I understand Andy correctly, he is suggesting an ‘either/or’ situation
(i.e. the collection points to the requirements, or the requirement points
to the collection). I would suggest that real world needs means that the
answer must be ‘both’. But then maybe I’ve missed Andy’s point ...


PS and don’t forget that collections may be simple buckets, or they may
organise their requirements into some hierarchical structure ...

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Subject: Re: OSLC RM - meetings during July

One comment about the "requirement set":

In some cases, it may really be a list of requirements, but I think the
bigger issue is that a requirement is related to either a project or
application....this means that either that related resource should have a
list of requirements (identified by URL so you can get a resource
representing each requirement) or that the requirement should have a
reference ("back pointer") to the project/application. In data modeling
terms, is it an identifying relationship (thus the requirement has the back
pointer) and if so, to what?

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  OSLC RM - meetings during July                                           
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Hello all,

the minutes from last meeting are on the wiki
http://open-services.net/bin/view/Main/RmMeetings20090706. Steve and Scott
took an action which i have missed - do either of you recall that?

I'm on holiday August so will not be able to attend the regular scheduled
meetings 13th and 27th July.

Can I ask for a volunteer to chair either one or both of those calls?
We need to discuss the specification needs for the scenarios A and B. Torge
touched on this on our last call.
What are the resources we need to describe in the specification?
What actions must the API support over these resources?
Are the link types fixed by the specification, or are they open?
What is a requirement collection/set?

best wishes,

ian.green at uk.ibm.com (Ian Green1/UK/IBM at IBMGB)
Chief Software Architect, Requirements Definition and Management
IBM Rational
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