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But options are really strong graphic images, impressive!
I immediately favored option 1, probably because a spiral has also a bit of a negative meaning. The graphic from option 1 suggests a forward moving motion (the spiral seems to drag us down), and it works well in both color and black-and white.
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There have been several suggestions that we create a logo for OSLC that can be used in references from web sites and OSLC implementations (e.g. the Eclipse Mylyn OSLC-CM client). Kimberley Peter and Susan Smith of IBM's Toronto Design Studio kindly volunteered their talents to brainstorming several themes and then refining those into two options. 

The links below point to different treatments/renderings of the two logos that could be used in different media forms (e.g. web, color print, black and white print, etc.) and to some mockups of the open-services.net home page with the examples of the alternative logos included. We intend to make a final decision in the coming week or so and appreciate your feedback. Please take a look and if you have any input you'd like to share -- positive or negative, logo preference, color preferences, etc. -- post it back here or send it to me directly at bosworth at us.ibm.com by Friday, July 10.

Option 1: Plays off of the "O" in "OSLC" and emphasizes the idea of loosely coupled interactions.
renderings: http://open-services.net/preview/aperture3.pdf
in context: http://open-services.net/preview/aperture-in-context2.png

Option 2: Inspired by the OSLC ambition of creating new possibilities and the incremental nature of OSLC efforts.
renderings: http://open-services.net/preview/Coil3.pdf
in context: http://open-services.net/preview/coil-in-context.png

Hopefully this is a bit of a fun respite from the rigors of scenario and spec authoring!


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