[Community] OSLC Change Management Working Group Minutes from 8 July 2009

Steve K Speicher sspeiche at us.ibm.com
Wed Jul 8 13:18:17 EDT 2009

See http://open-services.net/bin/view/Main/CmMeetings07082009


Attendees: SteveSpeicher, SteveAbrams, ScottBosworth, JayGillibrand, 
SamLee, AndreWeinand, MikKersten, SamitMehta 
Call for agenda changes, no changes 
Review ScenariosMylyn: 
Updated with annotations with what is supported in 1.0 and candidates for 
2.0 (or beyond) 
Operations that cause state transitions may fall outside of 2.0 
Prioritization would be (from highest to lowest) for Tasktop: 
data model information (like XML schema) (effort large) 
support for attachments (effort small) 
operation workflow transitions (effort large) 
Looking at RSS/IMAP style of notification of changes, see changes as 
pushed as by server event 
Need to address "task key" concept 
Progress on extending participation: 
Report back on the 22nd with results 
SteveSpeicher reported results from synchronization tools providers: 
interested in OSLC and providing implementations. Will monitor scenarios 
and specs and be available for solicited feedback. 
Some implementation reports have started CmImplementationReports and 
working on gathering other reports 
Discussion on alignment and timing of 2.0 specs with potential product 
Next meeting 22 July 2009 

Please update with any corrections.

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